About Us

M.T. Moore Corp. (dba The Leather Accessory Source) was founded in 2002 to design, manufacture, import and in some cases market both men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. Our clients and customers include retailers for “private label” projects, catalogs companies for production support and “wholesalers” for a vast array of services. The Source is also a worldwide accessory licensee for Harley Davidson, as well as a corporate supplier.

Our well-rounded distribution portfolio is a great benefit to not only The Source, but also our varied clientele and, ultimately, the consumer. Given our volume, consistent productions placement, and factory relationships; we are able to leverage our business to secure advantageous pricing and timely delivery without ever sacrificing quality. Bottom line: our purchasing power is leveraged to benefit our clients. The result is custom high quality design, timely delivery, and most importantly – great perceived value.

Retailers or Consumers

For questions regarding our wholesale products please visit our Contact page and call or email customer service.

Retailers or Wholesalers

For questions regarding custom private label products utilizing your marks or logos, or potential customers for Corporate Gifts and Awards utilizing your corporation’s logo, please visit our Contact page.

 NOTE: We do not show or display any of our client’s private label products on our site due to confidentiality agreements.